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All the required machining processes can be carried out according to customer’s specific requirements in the mechanical processing shop.
We can performed the following machining operations:


This type of machining treatment is used most often for the machining of external surfaces and internal surface in the shape of rotary bodies.
There is also the possibility of turning other shapes than cylindrical.


It is a type of machining treatment in which the rotary motion is performed by the tool and the feed is completed by the tool or by the workpiece.
It is one of the most commonly used process for machining parts to receive precise sizes and shapes.


It is a type of treatment for holes.
The common rotation of the drill and longitudinal feed causes the edge of the drill to droop and cut into the material, causing it to separate.
This is a difficult process and many factors are affected by its outcome.


In machining, boring is the process of enlarging a hole that has already been drilled by means of a single-point cutting tool.
It is also perform to improve the quality by increasing the diameter.


This method involves the abrasion process in which we use abrasive wheel.
Because of grinding, we receive equal surfaces due to irregular areas.
The purpose of this process is to obtain the appropriate surface roughness and geometric conditions.

Our machining shop is equipped with:

  • 33 Horizontal Lathes (Conventional and CNC) with capacity: from 50mm to 4000mm diameter, up to 28m long and up to 140ton weight
  • 12 Vertical Lathes (Conventional and CNC) with capacity: up to 5600mm diameter, up to 2500mm high and up to 80ton weight
  • 13 Milling & Drilling Centers (Conventional and CNC) with capacity: up to 10.000 x 4.000 x 1.900mm and up to ~150ton weight
  • 8 Deep Drilling Centers (Conventional and CNC) with capacity: from 44mm to 1000mm diameter, up to 16.000mm long and up to 55ton weight

Our conventional and particularly numerical control machines are designed to rough out and finish forged products, ensuring the highest levels of quality and precision.
Program-controlled processes guarantee a high degree of manufacturing reliability.
We are very proud of our special production line for machining of monolithic crankshafts for four stroke engines of high power.
The production line includes special turning-milling CNC machines, grinders, device for magnetic measurement and controlling of geometric parameters.
We also have work area for controlling and manual processing of shafts.
We have been delivering CGF (continuous grain flow) crankshafts in black forging condition for many years.
After 2009, we start to deliver them, also in rough machined and final machined ready-to-use condition.
Our clients are located throughout Europe, Korea and China.
The engines manufactured with our crankshafts are used primarily for ship propulsion and for the generation of electricity.